Grimminger Estate

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Whenever a donation is made to the City of Grand Island for the benefit of the library, it is deposited into a fund separate from the general fund and the Library Board determines the uses for the donation.  This is the case for a donation of over $750,000 from the estate of Myrtle Grimminger.  

For this generous donation, the library board  through policy has reserved the use of these funds solely for building, furnishing, equipment and grounds enhancements, or special library programming, outside the scope of the Library’s general fund budget.  This is similar to what the Grand Island Public Library Foundation, Inc. does with donations (as most donations are indeed made to the Foundation).   This is a practice adhered to by thousands of other libraries across our nation.  We are firm in this practice of bestowing special honor on the generosity of donors.

Our library board has designated two uses for this estates:

1. To support the creation of our parking lot rain garden - this  Greener Nebraska Towns initiative was accomplished with additional funds from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, a beneficiary of the Nebraska Lottery. 

2. To support the renovation of the Edith Abbott Memorial Library in 2018 - this is underway without any City-tax funding through additional donations to the Grand Island Public Library Foundation and various grants.  

We are so grateful for this magnificent donation through the Myrtle Grimminger estate, and our promise is to provide a long-lasting tribute deserving of such generosity.