Loan Periods/Renewals

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 Item Type Limit   Loan Period Renewals Allowed 
 Adult, Teen, Children's Books  None   3 Weeks   1 
 Audiobooks  None   3 Weeks  1 
 Music CDs  5  3 Weeks  1
 Storytime Kits  None  3 Weeks  1 
 Hot Picks  None   3 Weeks   None
 New Adult Books   None  2 Weeks   1 
 Magazines  None   1 Week  1
 DVDs  5  1 Week   1
 Seasonal (Children's Holiday)  None  1 Week  1


Interlibrary Loans have due dates and loan periods determined by the lending library. 

Reference and Special Collections (including Heritage Room materials) are available for in-library use only; they may not be checked out of the building.